we call ourselves

artists, designers and storytellers

we love aesthetics

but we do more

At House of Patterns, we specialise in creating unparalleled events through immersive and experiential decor. We understand the power of design as a storyteller and our passion lies in integrating your personal narrative into every detail of our creations.

Our secret? We listen. To understand who you are. And what matters most to you. No detail is overlooked, no possibility unexplored, as we strive to deliver events that are memorable, fun and aesthetic. This is us, House of Patterns, and the best event we have ever done will be yours.

We join the dots between people, experiences and design

what do we mean by
experiential decor

Have you ever stepped into a space that instantly took your breath away? Or where you felt a strong sense of connection? Experiential decor is where design meets emotion. It is a dynamic fusion of artistry, innovation and personalization, elevating events to new heights. Often it’s not about using something unique but about using a common material in a unique way. By seamlessly integrating elements such as interactive installations, multi-sensory experiences and thoughtful storytelling, experiential decor creates transformative journeys and unforgettable memories. It redefines event boundaries, creating impactful moments that leave a lasting impression.


our team

Just as patterns repeat and evolve, our approach is adaptable and ever-evolving, ensuring each occasion is a unique expression of your personality and style

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